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Joke is the Big Bang King Date: Jul 6th @ 8:15pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

This Blog Post it's entirely dedicated to the most Special Member, Brave Purple Knight, Lord of beautiful Poetry and KING of the Big Bang Contest: Joke

My Lord you have so many Titles it must be heavy to carry and also a great responsibility!

You came up with the name "Kingdom of Desire" and ever since the Kingdom gets greater and stronger everyday.

You allways make the Queen and her purple Knights, even guests and members very happy when you show up!

You allways fill the sky of the Kingdom with floods, prizes and tips and spoiling and making the purple Queen horny and wet!

You gave as a gift to the Queen the most fireworks on the day of 4th of July, making the Kingdom explode and sparkle! Thank you so much, you were amazing and we all bend in front of you!

We allways will remember the way you treat us and the super funny poetry you give us:

joke2105: everybody is in shock, Vikky sucks a monster cock!

joke2105: these are really honored champs, wearing sexy nipple clamps.

joke2105: Vikky cares that hair not spoiled, as her total body's oiled!

joke2105: if the lush is very busy, makes Victoria pretty dizzy!

joke2105: looks like earth is quacking, if Vikky does a booby shaking!

joke2105: Her model name is Vic Desire, since her ass is hot like fire!

joke2105: Sexy Vikky needs a hug, for her pretty booty plug!

joke2105: all naked, can be seen, Kingdom of Desires got a Queen!

joke2105: from head to toe, all is juicy, handsome boobs and pretty pussy!

joke2105: A lot of credits, you can bet, makes queen's pussy real wet!

joke2105: lets have some tonic with some gin, the Queen is part of autowin!

joke2105: we just arranged, the goal has changed!

joke2105: on monitor the nicest pic, is to see a happy Vic!

joke2105: everybody starts to jerk, if he seeing Vikky twerk

joke2105: It's a goal, worth any chaseing, to see Vic's body, so amazing. Perfect beauty, from head to toe, always worth a private show

Can't believe, can't trust my eyes
Vikky getting socialized!

Joke: Ass is bouncing, boobies too,Today we face the biggest blew!
Vikky feels in paradise, As today she's Socialised!

Joke: Actually we see DarkMaster,
Is again the credit blaster!
Joke and Master side by side, lifted Vic in paradise!

Thank you so much, you know exactly how to treat the Queen!
joke2105: take good care of this special girl!
Best 4th of July eveeeer Date: Jul 4th @ 8:33pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

THIS WAS THE BEST INDEPENDENCE DAY EVER! I never had so much fun online as i did today! I feel so blessed and grateful! I am so happy!

Me and my Purple Knights made the Kingdom explode with fireworks and joyful celebration! Even the Flag was declared to be a good ideea after all! Tomorrow we will have an AFTER PARTY in Kingdom of Desire with the theme Folding the Flag Day!

We made peace and I finally feel my members appreciated my flag and my honestly good intentions! After all is a day of joy and freedom!

Tomorrow we will also have a raffle with prizes, every 250 creds or flood will get you a prize from the Mystical Magical Bawl!

The show goes on!

The winners of the 4th of July RAFFLE:
-30 mins free pvt - Great Lord

-20 mins free pvt -
Joke, Lord of Poetry

-10 mins free pvt - New Lord
-1 month fanclub - Great Lord

-14 days free fanclub -
Lord of Poetry

Special Thanks prizes:
Great Lord DarkMaster:
5 tickets in the next raffle
Fuck side of the bed
5 tickets in the next raffle

New Lord Crazy Gentleman has such a beautiful soul and gifted Lord of the Gifts, Moon his prizes! Thank you so much, that made the day even more special!
5 tickests in the next raffle
Booby shacking and playing
25 padlle spanks
Fingering ass under panties
Naked oily boobs
Fuck dildo under cam

Joke, Lord of poetry
Dance all naked
Shake naked ass

Thank you so much for everyone that supported me in every way, I am so grateful!

And here is daily fun stuff!
moonshadow55: its getting late my dear
Sum_Dum_Gui: Yes, it is
Sum_Dum_Gui: time to put Moon back in his cradle
moonshadow55: not you go back to bed
moonshadow55: waaah waaaaah waaaaah
Sum_Dum_Gui: Here's his bottle full of Bull's milk
moonshadow55: waaaaa waaaaa i want vikky milk

Sum_Dum_Gui: BDSM Shakespeare? To BDSM or not to BDSM

IamJustCrazy: U know what I'm doing right now
IamJustCrazy: Having nipple sympathy pains

DarkMaster99: You have been appropriately boosted

moonshadow55: crazy gets to fuck the bed wow

Ah yes, forgot to say that from now I have my Red Throne, oh yessss
Happy America day! Date: Jul 3rd @ 8:02pm EDT
Dear Bloggy

Happy 4th of July everybody! What a wonderful and blessed day today is!

I managed to add 140 fireworks today wooohooo! Special thanks to Joke who dinamited the entire Kingdom of Desire with tons of explosions! We had so much fun filling up the Magical Mystical Bowl with tickets and winning the super special Prizes on the Wall of Desires! So far the new King of the Big Bang and the Kingdom is Joke!

On the 4th of July, at the end of my shift, the big DRAWING of the raffle will show who the winners are!
1st prize 30 min free pvt
2nd prize 20 min free pvt
3rd prize 10 min free pvt
4th prize 1 month free fanclub
5th prize 14 days free fanclub
There is still time to incrase your chances to win, every 7 fireworks gets you a ticket!

Don't forget about the 2nd Game we are playing. On the Wall of Desires you can choose 10 fireworks super sexy prizes, 20 fireworks awesome special prizes or the BIG BANG UNIQUE PRIZE at 30 fireworks!

Good luck my Purple Knights!

If you win or join the fanclub you will automatically become Dragon of my Kingdom of Desire! Let's play and get in top!
Hard! but Bloggy is back Date: Jul 2nd @ 11:53pm EDT
Dear Bloggy

It's already the middle of the Big Bang Contest on flirt! I was waiting for a long time for this contest to be on! Never thought it might be so hard for me to focus on it and be successful.

Unfortunately I have such few energy right now I can't write much about it, other than I really would appreciate if I could only get my strength back and do better at this Contest!

Keep you fingers crossed for me!

moonshadow55: its getting late my dear
Sum_Dum_Gui: Yes, it is
Sum_Dum_Gui: time to put Moon back in his cradle
moonshadow55: not you go back to bed
moonshadow55: waaah waaaaah waaaaah
Sum_Dum_Gui: Here's his bottle full of Bull's milk
moonshadow55: waaaaa waaaaa i want vikky milk

Aaah u make me smile my Lords!

The stay off bed day Date: Jun 28th @ 8:21pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

I truly feel exhausted right now! It was a great day today, I've learned that I can do so many things that I didn't do before!

Who would have thought that changing the music can change my mood so much! The 80' music theme day is now in plan!

Tomorrow I'm thinking of making a little raffle, but with more, bigger prizes! Biggest prize 30 min free pvt. I can't wait to play!

My heart is so thrilled to see the Kingdom of Desire becoming bigger and stronger everyday! All the Lords spots are taken, but still think that I might make an exception for someone that has been helping the Queen with very good advice! I'll talk to my high committee of Lords to see what we can do about it!

I now have to hurry and do my yoga session and sleep because I will wake up earlier tomorrow!

Goodbye twitter chat :( Date: Jun 26th @ 8:04pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

This past two days online were so good for me! I finally got strong enough to come early online, even if I am not yet able to sleep earlier!

My night schedule is so well printed in my subconscious that whatever I try, every single night I start my yoga session at 3 am and fall asleep at 6 am!

Anyway as long as I am able to keep my online schedule and do yoga daily I am grateful.

I have some bad news from the studio, unfortunately. From now on I will not be able to keep my twitter for chatting, but only for promoting. We can still keep in touch using Flirt Phone or Flirt SMS tool and email!

I really appreciate if I would not be left alone and you will still keep in touch with me as before, using the Email on Flirt or SMS that only charges 10 credits per message! It would make me so happy to get messages from you and even more happy to be able to hear your voice on the phone!

Special thanks to ImjustCrazy for all the support and Lord Wizard for playing with me today, taking the big secret awesome PRIZE and being also the highest tipper!

Romantic and fun stuff:

Curtis-Smith: I dream, of a woman who is a dream, a woman who is seen but not touched , a woman who is heard but not hear, a woman I think of often a woman I adore

DarkMaster99: I yam what I yam. So I am The Purple Lord Dark Master
DarkMaster99: The famous and almost legendary Load Dark Master. I HAVE SPOKEN.

DarkMaster99: With the permission of Victoria, of course
Wow Master that was awesome, I can really feel the dramatic tension growing and almost exploding!
End of game Date: Jun 24th @ 7:04pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

Today was a good day!

I will never forget how nervous we all were when Curtis had to choose the winning ticket from the last 2 pink ones! OMG OMG!

The Wall of Desires game v. 1.2 finally got it's great, very much expected END! But this is not the end, as Lord of the Gifts and Crazy gentleman helped me plan Wall of Desires v. 2.0.

Thank you for all the great ideas guys, can't wait to put them in practice!

So next Thursday the game will be ON! I plan higher Pvt PRIZES and also will have a raffle meanwhile with biggest prize 20min free pvt!

Things are getting hotter and hotter!

Special thanks to Gary that spoiled me so much at the end of the day, it really felt like fireworks!

Fun stuff:

moonshadow55: the romantic side is just a way to get to a girls pussy i mean heart heart 
Curtis-Smith: Yeah, her pussy I mean heart
Woow day Date: Jun 23rd @ 6:08pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

What an amazing day from all points of view! Only 6 tickets left on the Wall of Desires! I even forgot how naughty and cool the prizes were! Thank you so much Great Lord of Poetry for uncovering the secrets behind the mysterious tickets!

Wow we had so much fun! I never was so oily and sweaty, can't wait to take a hot bath.

My licking ass and pussy tiger outfit was so sexy, but was so thrilled to find the very sexy PJ's that I am going to wear tomorrow!
Thank you Marty for choosing the "change outfit" ticket, we made a great team choosing together!

You can tell I am back to normal again because guess what, I started to collect fun stuff again! And the great funny poems, omg, thank you again Lord of Poetry!

joke2105: everybody is in shock, Vikky sucks a monster cock!
joke2105: these are really honored champs, wearing sexy nipple clamps.
joke2105: Vikky cares that hair not spoiled, as her total body's oiled!

moonshadow55: i want a naked sum
Sum_Dum_Gui: Private only
moonshadow55: i saw him for a second then i went blind
Sum_Dum_Gui: That was the bleach, Moon

moonshadow55: you need sum sun dum
Sum_Dum_Gui: Sun is my natural enemy. Along with flowers

Bigmaster72: Oh recently people have been shooting fireworks in the middle of the night so I might try it
Sum_Dum_Gui: Shoot them back at them?
Recovery day Date: Jun 22nd @ 11:17pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

I almost forgot to write to you today! I'm sorry but I'm still recovering from the "dark" day, witch was yesterday.

Was so sad that when I woke up, I did my best to fall asleep again as if I never wanted to wake up at all, ever!

Anyway I woke up very late in the evening, with lower energy than before going to bed! Just look at the little video I posted on twitter, I myself look at it and say "woow this girl is on heavy drugs or something"!

Anyway, one way or another I managed to come online, later than any other days. It was a good decision though!

Thanks to Curtis, Lord of Art, the Wall of Desires game v. 1.2 was saved and everyone had fun enjoying the very naughty, hardcore, sexy prizes! Thank you Brenda, Moon - Lord of the gifts for being by my side and support me!

Fun tickets of the day: head stand all naked, dirty talking, fingering pussy under panties, sucking toes, blow job and many more! The game continues as there are many tickets left!

At the and we even played a little truth or dare session! I dared to wear one of my most elegant dresses online. Loved it!

Thank you Shawn for the incredible gift you gave me! ;)

Well can't wait to see what today brings! I didn't yet cured enough to be able to collect the fun goodies of the day as I used to, but I promise I will recover!
Father's Day Date: Jun 21st @ 7:20pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

Happy father's Day!

I'm sorry, but there is no way I can avoid telling you that I am sad.

Today I realized how lonely I actually am. Days like this, well, I don't know I felt so lonely. OMG, I'm crying now.

I understand that it was Sunday and all guys celebrated Father's Day, or had problems or who knows! I don't complain about anyone. I just was very lonely, online and inside.

I am a lonely girl, I had no one to celebrate with, or someone to be my daddy.

It's a beautiful mirage untill a day like this comes and the truth slaps you in the face. Thank you Sum for being there when the day started. Thank you Moon for keeping me company at the end. I'm sorry Shawn the site crushed.

There was no daddy for me on Fathers day. Even the day started with being scolded, put in the corner and felt scared! I'm sorry for not being perfect daddy!

Happy father's Day

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