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Back! Date: Aug 8th @ 10:17pm EDT
Hi Bloggy,

I've been trying to write to you for days!

Finally I am able to do this. It was also brought to my attention that I'm neglecting your readers and that at least if I choose to stop writing, I shouldn't have such a depressive las post.

Well I didn't choose not to write, I changed my schedule. It was harder than I thought! It took me days to be able to do the things I used to!

So hard to do yoga daytime than during the night, hard to wake up in time, hard to get to sleep in time, hard to not stay over, hard to start in time! So, yes, it's not easy to change things. I thought everything will be just as easy as moving Tetris blockd around! But nooo..

The great news is that it worked! I was right, the whole purpose was to be in better sync and be more successful! Perfect!

The last days were so amazing! We had so much fun! I was so horny OMG. Special thanks to Sum, BestMalone, Master, Shawn, Jossny, Crazy and everyone who was there for me, supporting me! I am sooo grateful! I was in such a crisis for not being able to reach my targets before you guys stepped in!

Today we made the funny difference between King Kong and Tic Tac! Gigantor and but plug hehehe! Omg No I don't keep Gigantor in a coffin!

You guys are allways delicious:
BestMalone1: everybody is so keen, to get a blowjob from the queen!
BestMalone1: all to please her royal highness!

DarkMaster99: Best Malone is the Man, the Myth, the Legend!
BestMalone1: I am only the first servant of my kngdom

darking1ao: GIRLS - Goddess In Real Life Story or Ghost In Real Life Story ( Or it depends?)

Worst day Date: Jul 22nd @ 7:26pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

Such a slow day! It was so slow even sloths are crossing the highway faster! It was so bad, I am planning to try the onion rings holes diet! I had so few tips, even my lush toy went flasc! So few people played with me I might become a nun these days!

Nobody took any piece of my outfit off, I know, my lingerie is so beautiful you don't want to touch it! I will have to wear ugly clothes to make you want to undress me.

I made Wall of Desires just for the pretty colours of stickers, so pretty my stickers nobody wants to take them off!

What is so wrong about my performance? I am so sad that I have 0 motivation left! It will take a lot to recover from this!

I fell not sexy and nobody wants me horny!

Thank you Lord Wizard for taking care of your Queen in this dark times!

I am not only a pretty image on the desktop! I also have to eat, pay bills, pay school, clinic, rent. If this will not start working, the queen will starve and lose her Purple Kingdom. The Kingdom needs its King!

I am very upset on how everyone complains for not getting enough attention or have requests with 0 tips!

I seriously have to think and do some drastic changes before I get fired!
I really want an A for the test Date: Jul 21st @ 8:53pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

Today was a busy day and the therapy session lasted more than I thought! Well the therapy session is allways 45 mins but not only that I arrived late to the cabinet but I also had to wait for 1hour to begin!

So I ended so late online in my Kingdom of Desire! I stayed from around 8 pm to midnight. So that was only about 4 hours!

I was happy to see everybody in my room! It was so exciting, but there were so many whispers and I was so horny I couldn't focus well on anything! Sometimes when I am overwhelmed, I get absorbed into the void and can't do much! I am sorry for not being able to read all messages, I am only human!

Today I also made the super hot Custom Video for my winner from the raffle, Nton! It was so awesome the way he won! First he bought a 50 creds prize from my Wall of Desires game. His first prize was "choose a prize from the next row", and from the 100 creds row he chose, guess what: "choose from the next row", so got himself a 250 prise: 2 tickets for the next raffle! The chances to do that was only 4%! Amazing things can happen in the Kingdom of Desire, because the first winning ticket of the raffle was his!

His idea the video was very good: I had to convince my teacher to give me an A on a test that I failed! Nice, sexy role play! I still am waiting for his answer, hope I get an A!

See you tomorrow guys
Qualified day Date: Jul 20th @ 9:09pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

Kingdom of Desire is shinning again!

I had such a great day! I have so many great news I don't know what to start with!

Ok, I made up my mind: I qualified to the AutoWin contest!!! Untill the last half an hour I have been online, I thought I don't have any chance, but then my all time HERO Master saved the day, again!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me, I REALLY wish to win this time!

I didn't only qualify, but also reached my daily goal! It has been days since I managed to do it!

Thank you so much for everyone that supported me, with tips and good vibes! What would I do without you! I was so horny and happy!

Another very good news is that my car didn't have any oil problem. Only the sensor was broken! I also found out that if I really would have had a problem with the oil pressure, I would have destroyed my engine by now!

Oh it's so good to have a man that gives me advice about this kind of issue!

My humble conclusion is that, if you are girl, you can't own a car without a man! You really need a friend, dad or lover or the car is doomed! :))

Tomorrow I will be late online because in the first part of the day I have to attend my therapy session. I will come online imediatly after though!

Oh I am soooo happy!
Restart blog day Date: Jul 20th @ 12:41am EDT
Omg Bloggy,

Finally I get to talk to you!

Unfortunately I don't have any good news. It has been several days since the last time I had a good day online!

The irony is that it happend since I managed to be online on time, ready to have lots of fun, wet my panties and if lucky, cum nine thousand times!

This is ridiculous!

Sunday was my day off, I slept and sleep and sleeping I dreamed of being awake so I slept some more!

Also my car seems to have again, even a worse problem than before being in service! Now the oil sign started showing :(
The mechanic dared to say that the oil pressure is low. Nobody says to my car her oil pressure is low, so she splashed oil all over his face! :))
I'm so proud of my baby!

Well no matter how bad the week was I just can't be upset with such compliments! Ofc they would have been better if joined by vibes and moans!

DarkMaster99: Hail: to cheer, salute, or greet; welcome
Sum_Dum_Gui: if that is true, he can't tell reality from delicious anymore
DarkMaster99: When used as a verb
Sum_Dum_Gui: Usually with pellets of frozen ice
Sum_Dum_Gui: Especially at weddings
DarkMaster99: Hail not hail Sum Dum, get it together man.
Sum_Dum_Gui: Oh wait, that's rice
Sum_Dum_Gui: My towering IQ was quartered once Vikky put on that outfit

DarkMaster99: Victoria’s posterior positioned perfectly in pervy and pretty perfection. Passionately part of Master’s purview
DarkMaster99: The all powerful triangle. That used to point at the all powerful clit. Which is usually where all powerful orgasms come from
DarkMaster99: My imagination is proud of your imagination. Although I may just be imagining it.

DarkMaster99: Thou art a scant varlet
DarkMaster99: It suits the beauty and stature of the Queen!

DarkMaster99: Woah look at the Queens royal bottom like that
DarkMaster99: Queen Victoria, “gift from God”. And her royal heart shaped bottom.

I feel so flattered, you guys are my poets!

Can't wait to be online, I have a good feeling about this new week!
Today is AutoWin Contest on Flirt so if I gather 5000 creds I might win! I am so happy, maybe I will be lucky!
Game ender wow Date: Jul 15th @ 9:15am EDT
Dear Bloggy,

Special day!

I thought the day was going to be one of my worst online, nobody was playing not even baggers were in the Kingdom. The situation seemed hopeless when...

My Super Hero Master crushed the Wall Of Desires game and took almost all the prizes! Only 4 little soldiers were still standing after Brave Purple Knight Dark Master entered the battle to concur for the best prizes!

Congratulations Master for winning the both 30min and 40min free pvt, also took al the goodies from the rows, so another 15 mins.

Omg every jaw dropped when Master took the BIGGEST PRIZE of 2 hours of free pvt! And let's not forget the mystery prize that Master also won!

Forever will my Master be Purple from this day, of the famous Battle of the Walls!

I was so embarrassed all the time, omg so naked wearing only my crotchless pantyhose! So, so shy!

Classic phrases of Master during the battle that will remain in history:

DarkMaster99: Victoria’s posterior positioned perfectly in pervy and pretty perfection. Passionately part of Master’s purview

DarkMaster99: The all powerful triangle. That used to point at the all powerful clit. Which is usually where all powerful orgasms come from. (I had to show my secret pussy triangle to everybody!)

DarkMaster99: My imagination is proud of your imagination. Although I may just be imagining it.

Thank you Master!

Don't forget that today, Wednesday, the Raffle begins where you can also win free pvt mins! MASTER, MOONSHADDOW and NTON already won tickets from the previous games! I keep your fingeres crossed for u guys!
Titty notes day Date: Jul 13th @ 7:21pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

What a wonderful day! New week, new plans, new game and super exciting prizes!

Thank you so much my Crazy Lord Gentleman for calling me and making my day end up perfectly!

Ok so let me tell you step by step Boggy, don't be greedy!

First of all I officially changed my day off from Tuesday to Sunday. So after 4 months of working on Flirt, my humble conclusion is that online Sundays suck!

Second of all, I have to watch and control myself, I get so horny sometimes, OMG! I have to be careful to do this more often! :P

Wow, Wall of Desires guys! It's allways so exciting! The game was under construction, only 3 tickets I have written and already my Lord Wizard took them and stick them to my boobies. Thank you so much my Lord Wizard, you made the day sooo exciting! I felt so sexy and so.. nude.

And at some point everything fell apart, I got so horny I forgot about my game, Titty Notes and mostly everything!

Very nice! Thank you everyone, I am so GRATEFUL!
Heavy gravity Sunday Date: Jul 12th @ 7:16pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

Today was such a super lazy, heavy gravity Sunday! I think from now on my day off will be on Sunday! Not sure yet though!

The only people that are not lazy on Sundays are definitely baggers! Omg, I think I was asked 9000 times if I am hairy or bald, where I live and my age! I had to take a break only to clear a bit the annoying buzzing in the Kingdom!

Today was a big day though! We created the Purple Zoo or The Crypt! There is where all the dark creatures and beasts are thrown! YES I banned Florida for 3 years which is pretty close to eternity. I also thrown to the Purple Crypt the guy that keeps on making publicity to other sites.

Today the cruel side of the Qween was revealed and unleashed, so beware beasts!

Also the Queen felt like a cute fairy wearing the butterfly white top and tiara. I allways want to look like a good fairy when I curse to total damnation the evil beasts. I hope the Purple King likes the idea too!

Well tomorrow I hope it will be a more dinamic day or the Queen will have to starve...

Fun stuff:

abxboom: Why are you wearing those stockings? It hurts you
Sum_Dum_Gui: Maybe he wore stockings once and suffered a horrible accident?

guestUser_944020299: I love armpit fetish
Sum_Dum_Gui: My arms had the pits surgically removed, sorry

DarkMaster99: Oh NOOO the ultimate goal in the Universe has failed:-( It is sad, so sad.
Sum_Dum_Gui: The universe would have collapsed into a singularity if it had occurred
Crotchless pantyless greenless day Date: Jul 11th @ 8:21pm EDT
Dear Bloggy,

I neglected you, I know, but you will be thrilled when you will hear what a wonderful day I had!

The day started very busy because my doctor had a hard time updating the database with all the pills he has given me, so it took hours to compare my prescriptions with his papers! So I ended up being so late home, that I almost thought this day will be my day off.

Was the best choice to come online, well actually I had a good reason to be online and that was because Lord/ Conte Shawnte Christo was back im the Kingdom of Desire! Thank you so much for coming back!

I also met somebody new and became friends, had such a long and pleasant conversation, I wished it never ended! I love talking and having human mental interaction at it's highest. It was unforgettable! I also got a new badge yeeey!

Oh and then the fun started! I loved wearing, for the first time, my crotchless fishnet pantyhose! Also my very green dress that looks white on cam! No panties matched perfectly the entire outfit!

Thank you so much Lord Wizard and Marty for playing with me! I think I had the best time since ages!

Can we please put today on repeat!?

Oh I also have a new great theme day idea: Dress me up day! Coming soon!
The King player, Dark Master Date: Jul 6th @ 8:16pm EDT
Hi again Bloggy,

I want to start by saying THANK YOU and giving a big WELCOME to our King of the Game: Lord Dark Master!

Nobody ever made an entire Wall of Desires empty. Master you are AMAZING! You are our hero and you are the one who knows exactly how to fulfill the desires of your Queen and the people of the Kingdom of Desire!

The famous and almost legendary King Lord Dark Master. I HAVE SPOKEN.

The Purple Queen never was so pleased so much before, playing a Desire Game!

Today was a short day online, but just enough to properly fold the flag and create a new very awesome game: Bowl of Desires!

Rules are simple: every 250 creds or flood gets you one of the prizes in the Magical Mystical Bowl!

Prizes are very different, and you can win anything: sexy prizes, custom vids, pics, free minutes, fanclub even tickets in the next raffle!

There is only 1 ticket that is the biggest - 30 mins free pvt and only one that is a small but still sweet kiss!

Everybody wins at this game! There are lots of free minutes so the more you play the more chances to sum up a longer free pvt with me!

We don't stop untill we empty the Bowl of Desires!
Let's play!

Members get a 5% discount on my shows and VODs, plus I can give you free Members Only shows and you'll show up in my room in my special fan font color. If you join now, you'll immediately get access to my exclusive content, be able to post on our private