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DISCOUNT on my shows
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Victoria Desire's Fan Club site!

Welcome to my Fan Club or my special purple Kingdom!

Why you want to become part of it:

This is my place to connect and share with all my favorite fans. Members get a 5% discount on my shows and VODs.
There will be Free Members Only Shows that will be announced in the Kingdom and scheduled so all of my Fans can be there to enjoy!
If you are a member you will show up in my room in my special fan font color: our all favorite PURPLE!

If you are in my fanclub you are imediately entitled by the PURPLE QUEEN of DESIRE:
LORD (ruler and watcher of the kingdom)
KNIGHT (guardian of the lands of the kingdom)
PIRATE ( guardian of the seas of the kingdom)
PHOENIX (guardian of fires in the kingdom)
DRAGON (guardian of the air in the kingdom)

Kingdom of Desire is the most special place, created to become a community where we all can share happiness, naughtiness, sexyness and everything good that we each provide and enjoy!
Nothing Else makes the Queen of Desire more happy than her Kingdom to become stronger, bigger and happier!
Her Lords, Knights, Pirates, Phoenixes and Dragons are the most loved and respected in the Kingdom!
Become a member and enjoy all the privileges of being part of something special, a great power, a dream kept alive by this STRONG PURPLE ARMY!

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Qualified day Date: 07/20/20
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Checkout my latest videos and recorded live shows. Message me and let me know what kind of videos turn you on?

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